5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Exercise This Summer

Summer is upon us and we all want to achieve our ideal summer body, to enjoy the heat, beach and holidays. The good news is, it’s never too late to start exercising now and make a difference to your body shape. 

We should all know by now, what we eat makes a big impact on how our body looks. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to be eating fewer calories than you’re burning each day, known as a calorie deficit. Once you get that under control, the next step is to expend more calories to increase rate of fat loss and tone our bodies up through exercise. 

Often, the hardest part is finding the motivation to find time in our busy lives to get up and go to the gym, walk around the neighborhood or run around a park. It’s much easier to tell ourselves, “I’ll start tomorrow or next week”, “I am too tired now” and “I have no time”.

Here are 5 ways to get motivated to exercise right now:

  • Set goals and measure

Before you start exercising, it’s a good idea to set goals and have something to aim for. We want to set achievable goals, which may be in the form of a certain weight you would like to be, a size of waist line, fit into a certain item of clothing or even run a particular distance. 

Once goals are set, you can decide how you will achieve those goals. For example if you want to decrease your weight by 5 pounds in a month, you might aim to exercise 4-5 times a week to help achieve that. As the weeks progress, you will measure your results by weighing on the scales and determine whether your new regime is working. If it is, then you will be motivated to keep going because it feels great. If it’s not working, then it should give you a boost of motivation to work harder and want that goal more. 

To have short-term and long-term goals, will keep you accountable for those times when exercising is the last thing you want to do that day

  • Small Steps

Just start somewhere. We get so caught up at times having to find the perfect workout to do, and if we cant find one, then there is another excuse to avoid exercising. I am a big culprit of this, but I’ve finally understood that any exercise is good exercise; we can’t always have the most intense and energetic session. 

Start small. If you like running, go for a 10-minute run around your neighborhood. A few days later, increase that to 12 minutes, then 15 minutes and so forth. If you want to do weights, start with bodyweight exercises, such as push ups, dips, squats and lunges. Start with 20 reps of each exercise a day, then the next day increase it by 3-5 reps, and by the end of the week you would have increased your workload by 100%. 

All these small workouts add up over time and you will find that it becomes a habit, because the thought of working out isn’t so daunting anymore. You would have proven to yourself you can do it and when you see results, that’s the time you’ll feel inspired to jack up the intensity and volume. 

  • Find a training partner

It’s always hard to motivate yourself to go out and exercise by yourself. 

A good way to get around this is to find a training partner and start working out together. That way you keep each other motivated and accountable to exercise, making sure you turn up to the session. 

Start by organizing runs together around a running track, perform a workout or class together at your local gym, or activities at your local park such as badminton, kicking a football and some bodyweight exercises.       

There is nothing better than catching up with a friend, socializing whilst mixing each other’s ideas and pushing each other to complete a quality session. For some example exercises you can do with a partner check out: http://bidalife.com/bida-life-vlog-2-total-body-partner-workout/

  • Listen to audio

A fruitful way to motivate yourself to get out and exercise, is by listening to something that you enjoy. Whether it’s your favorite music tracks or album, an interesting podcast or an audio book. Hooking in your earphones and listening to something will help you escape boredom when exercising and gives you mental energy to keep going. 

The creation of a new playlist of the latest songs I have downloaded or tuning into a podcast by my favorite DJ, is something that I cannot wait to listen to and makes exercise so much more enjoyable. I have friends who listen to podcasts, where they can learn about a particular topic, listen to an audio book instead of reading and even learn material for work. Achieving all this during exercise. 

This makes exercise productive for your body and also your mind.

What do you enjoy listening to? Why not start listening to it during exercise, from now on! 

  • Get outdoors

Most of us spend the majority of our days indoors at work, in an air-conditioned room with artificial lighting. We tend to forget what it’s like to be outside in the elements and the major benefits it has.

Since it is summer at the moment, the heat is becoming fiercer and it’s not so pleasant being outside in the middle of the day. So why not get outdoors early in the morning before work or after work in the late afternoon? 

That way you can still get some exposure to the sun and it’s cooler. Exposing our skin to the sun in a sensible manner of course, is vital to our health. The sun gives us a natural source of vitamin D, which the average adult is usually deficient. Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium absorption for stronger bones and teeth, also known to aid in weight loss by helping fight inflammation in our body, particularly around the stomach area. 

 Summer is the best time of year to exercise, so let’s start right now!


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