What is Bida Life?

‘Be the star in your life’ 

The name originates from the Tagalog word ‘bida’, which means the main character or hero in a story or the star of the show.

Bida Life inspires Filipinos and those living in the Philippines to become the star in their lives. It represents a lifestyle you can create for yourself, where we can continually grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Bida Life encourages you to get the best out of yourself and build self-confidence to achieve what you desire in this world.  

Have you ever felt like “I really want to do this with my life…” or “I wish I could look and feel like that…”? Usually followed by a “but” at the end of those statements… “But… I have no time, I don’t know if I can, how do I start?” 

Then this is your time to eliminate your self-doubt, and start living the life you’re meant to.

Do you want to face your fears, improve your self-esteem and become more confident in all aspects of your life…. But don’t know how?

Well you’re in luck! This Blog is dedicated to YOU! If you want to be fit and healthy, keep those extra pounds off and look and feel your best…. This blog will get you there! 

Bida Life is your source for Heath, Fitness and Wellness in the Philippines. It contains expert Health and Fitness advice, including: training programs, workouts and nutritional information. It’s a resource for Sports in the Philippines and provides daily Self Development tips to help you become more aware of yourself, build self-belief and to push you outside your comfort zone.

Anything is possible living a Bida Life. So what are you waiting for? Step away from the herd and let your true self shine.

Create your Bida Life NOW!