Bida Life Vlog #2 – Total Body Partner Workout

Do you ever find it hard to motivate yourself to go out and exercise?

I know, i do. 

A good way to get around this is to find a training partner and start working out together. That way you keep each other motivated and accountable to work out.   

Check out this Total Body Partner Workout which can be done anywhere with a friend, lasts for 20 minutes and will keep you motivated to exercise! No excuses!


All you need is to grab a training partner and find 10-15 meters space.

Perform five exercises for 30 seconds each, one after the other, circuit style.

Once all five are performed, that is one round completed.

Rest for one minute after each round and then repeat the circuit, until you completed a total of five rounds.


  1. Partner Squats  x  30 sec
  2. Push Up Hand Clap  x 30 sec
  3. Push Pull  x  30 sec 
  4. Plank Hold & Jump  x  30 sec (each position)
  5. Burpee Shuttle Runs  x  30 sec

(= 1 round)

5 rounds x 1 minute rest in between rounds

Good Luck! 

Evan Spargo 


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