Bida Life Vlog #3 – 10 Minute Office Workout

If you work in the office all day and have no time to exercise, then no worries.

Bring your gym gear to work, and on your break, have a go at this workout you can do in your office.

The workout includes bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere in an office environment, with a chair and desk. 

Even if you have a busy work schedule, there is always time for healthy living, each and every day.

No time? No excuses! 

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When Is The Best Time to Workout for Weight Loss?

Let’s get one thing straight, any exercise you do, whatever time of the day will be beneficial for you. 

We should all be doing some form of physical activity every day, whether it’s walking to work, going up flights of stairs, hitting the gym or playing sports. 


However, if your goals are targeted towards weight loss, the time you choose to exercise can have an important effect on achieving your fitness goals.

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Bida Life Vlog #2 – Total Body Partner Workout

Do you ever find it hard to motivate yourself to go out and exercise?

I know, i do. 

A good way to get around this is to find a training partner and start working out together. That way you keep each other motivated and accountable to work out.   

Check out this Total Body Partner Workout which can be done anywhere with a friend, lasts for 20 minutes and will keep you motivated to exercise! No excuses!

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