Bida Life Vlog #1 – 10 Minute Holiday Blaster Workout


It’s the start of February and holiday season is over, it’s time to get fit for a big year in 2016. Check out this 10 minute workout that can be done anywhere to get back into shape after holiday season.


All you need is to pick 4 bodyweight exercises and find 10-15 meters space. 

Perform each bodyweight exercise for 10 reps, followed by a short run up to the 10-15m marker and back.

Then move straight onto the next exercise, until you have completed all 4 bodyweight exercises and runs. This is one set. 

Rest for 30 seconds after each set and then repeat the circuit, until you have completed a total of 5.


Squats x 10 + run
Push Ups x 10 + run
Lunges x 10 + run
Mountain Climbers x 10 + run

(= 1 set) 

5 sets x 30 second rest in-between sets 

Good luck!


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